Our model is designed as a small, close-knit therapeutic community that offers intensive treatment in a comfortable home environment. Clients work daily with our specialized team to become more engaged in our community and confident in themselves. The goal is for residents to develop a sense of mastery, reflectiveness, and effectiveness in embracing life.

Through individual, group and family therapy, as well as experiential and recreational activities, residents learn the core emotional skills they need. Activities such as laundry, meal preparation, organizing, and prioritizing help clients learn to take care of daily needs, while community involvement through caring for our animals, gardening, and other activities give residents a sense of preparedness and accomplishment. Due to our intimate setting, residents are prompted to become active and engaged members of our immediate community, developing friendships and learning to work together.

Helping residents explore their interests and skills through assessment and evaluation begins their process of developing a sense of direction for their future in the real world. By taking on new challenges through volunteer positions and educational opportunities, residents begin to practice successfully engaging in employment and school environments, utilizing the core skills attained through the therapeutic process. This is done with the full support and supervision of a team of professionals, so that there is continued encouragement and feedback.

Developing a successful plan for living after program completion is the goal for all residents. Our team will provide continuing support in creating this plan, to assure that each individual has completed application processes for employment or school, as well as identifying support for continuing care. Ultimately, our goal is to help all residents make the transition from the challenges of psychiatric disorders to embracing life with a new sense of confidence and success.