Each individual who is interested in joining our community is evaluated independently, so we encourage you to contact us for more information on our program. An interview can be scheduled at your convenience, and we can provide instructions on how to send us any needed records for review.

Services at PATH are not directly covered by insurance, although we can provide records for clients seeking reimbursement for care following program completion.

Length of stay in each phase is based upon the progress of each resident, and is determined by the treatment team, in consultation with the resident. Fees are due at the beginning of each month and are calculated on a daily basis, based upon the phase of the resident.

During Phase I

Residents' experience will be focused in our home community, including participation in group and individual therapy where they will learn the core skills necessary to be prepared for life in the outside world.

During Phase II

Residents will be prepared to engage in vocational and/or educational opportunities in our local Southern Vermont community.

During Phase III

Residents will be asked to take these skills into their larger home communities.


For more detailed information on the 3 Phases, click here.

PATH at Stone Summit does not accept insurance assignment to cover the cost of treatment. We will provide billing statements for residents who choose to file for reimbursement through their carriers.